Name Change

Hey babes, I don;t know of you now but Over the past 2 months I have changed over to a different blog for a fresh start! Check it out ❤


Orange Is The New Black…


Hello Pretties! Sorry it’s been a while since I posted last. Real Life got a little hectic recently, but I’m going to try and write a few Halloween posts over the next two or three days. Like actual Halloween costumes hopefully.
Arts and I have been to a few events last week. I really want to go to the Mystic Realms fair, but the past few times I’ve gone the buildings take forever to load for me. I think the most successful one was the Candy Fair. I got quite a few things from there. I’m actually not sure the other ones we went to. Arts did all the tping, but I am sure we will do some more and if they are Halloween related things we will blog them. If not I know I will be blogging them after Halloween since I have already got a few things that are super cute.
I think this time I’m going to keep this one short and sweet so I hope you like this fall/October inspired outfit. =)


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dariela- light blondes
Dress: .: Davi Designs:. Autumn Dream – FULL OUTFIT Halloween

Taking Tribal…


     Hey babes! Business is a curse that we all cannot avoid. School has been biting at our ankles lately as well as work like it always does for all of us, BUT we are both really excited about October and all of the Halloween related posts we now have much more of an excuse to make. Hopefully we can heel up haha. This is not a Halloween post but I just adored the outfit as soon as i saw it. Shockingly enough I remembered when I first joined SL I hated this store haha. I don’t usually buy full outfits these days because mismatching tops and bottoms makes for much more variety (and its sometimes cheaper not to buy full outfits). I added on the fun tribal make up because I felt like it went particularly well with this outfit, and Chary had kind of turned me on to the whole tribal make up thing. Also the other day I happened to stumble into Elikatira, my favorite hair store, to see that the 9th Rez Day sale is still going on 0.0 So naturally I was so excited for the 99L sale that I bought 4 new styles including this one! So check it out before the sale ends and until next time babes and a hopefully more festive post!


Hair: Elikatira Louisa – Redheads

Makeup: Chary Midas Makeup

Top and Skirt: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Exoticalia v2

Sandals: tulip Gadiator Sandals (Blush)


PS: Tulip is having a closing sale! 50% off entire store. Better get there fast babes!



Hello pretties!! I meant to post this blog a few days ago, but I got caught up with school and work D:. As Arts said in her recent post we went to a few events in the past week or so. I wasn’t too fond of the Swag Fest either. I usually find hair at Collabor88 and I wore it in this post and it is sooo adorable. I also enjoyed the Arcade, but I didn’t find as much as Arts did. I did fall in love with these cute little Plushie Pals that you can hold and you will see it in the post. I also got Pegasus and the Hippocampus which looks so adorable.

On another shopping note, not related to events. I went shopping for clothes and came across this new belly chain that is so adorable *_* I’m going to post it in this blog and then eventually will update it to my usuals so it will be easier to see. oh and the pants I’m wearing in this blog are super adorable. They have these two bows; one on the side and in the back. I wear it so often.

I guess I will start to close this blog out and get to the threads. At the end i am posting a song that has been stuck in my head for weeks now. We won’t post songs often, but I figured since it was stuck in my head might as well let you guys have a listen although I’m sure most have already heard it. Sorry for my thoughts being kind of all over the place pretties. I had an idea of what I wanted to write then it got kind jumpy. My bad…


Hair: Exile:: Locomotion (Collabor88)
Hip Chain: MG Babette – Jade and Silver
Leggings: {Blossom} Pant Black Lace ** Phat Azz Applier
Shirt: -SU!- Velvet Top Melva
Plushie: Intrigue Co. – Plushie pals: Nessie the Lochness Monster (The Arcade)

Event Haul…


     There is a lot going on in our little computer world this month. Collabor88 as usual, the Swag Fest, and one of the most anticipated…The Arcade. I wasn’t super into the Swag Fest, but it wad sponsored by Little Bones (my favorite hair place) so I went anyway. I loved loved looooved their hair! I think I bought three, but this is my favorite, you can put different colors on each side!. Also Collab88 had a lot of cute clothes with its pretty funky 80s theme? I think it was 80s, though some stuff seemed 90s. Anyways I just had to put in this outfit. But the best thing of all that I could not leave out. Ur Favorite One had a freaking BANANAS IN PAJAMAS outfit on their Arcade gotcha. *DIES* my most favorite childhood show brought into sl. Of coarse it was a rare and I had trouble getting it, then my lovely wife gets it on the first turn >.> but she gave it to me so all is right in the world. Also the figurines are absolutely adorable! he best thing is that you can change the dolls gender hair color and ethnicity to match you and your partner or friends! Sorry for the long read babes but I was super super super excited about the events this month. Check them out and lets have a pajama party with all these flashbacks.

HAIR: Little Bones Suffragette Ombre&Roots (Swag Fest)

JACKET: -tres blah- Varsity Jacket Orange (Collabor88)

DRESS: -tres blah- Min Dress Lep (Collabor88)

SHOES: FLite Outsiders – Studded Black Platform – rare (The Arcade)

GAMEBOY: Le Primitif Game Dude Decor Black (The Arcade)

PLUSHIES: Intrigue Co Plushie Pals (The Arcade)

WOLF: silentsparow woofie Tasha (The Arcade)

FIGURINE: O.M.E.N. The Story of Us – Close to you (The Arcade)

MASKS: Schadenfreude – Deer Forest (The Arcade)

The Loft – Sugar Skull Mask Love


PAJAMAS: u.f.o the lazy song – pink banana (The Arcade)

SLIPPERS: u.f.o. the lazy song – ducky slipper (The Arcade)


Something Blue…



            Ello Babes! I would like to join Bunneh in welcoming you guys to our new blog. Life of the second nature has gotten a bit slow and we realized mostly we wound up shopping anyway so why not go back to blogging? For our first posts we decided to have a little hair color fun. Usually I am in love with my ginger or fiery red hair but today felt like going (literally) opposite with a cool complimentary blue. The Exile’s WIldcards pack is amazing, there are a ton of colors with amazing textures that you can highlight in a myriad of ways. So make your hair go wild babes because it is a lot of fun and can spice up any outfit.

HAIR: Exile:: Forever Yours (Wildcards)

 TOP: ::u.f.o:: cotton loose fit sweater – england

SHORTS: SU! B Boop Shorts – Dark Blue

 SHOES: RO – Phalanx Wedges 


Afternoon Haze


So I guess I will be the first to post on our new blog =D I’m Bunneh and I will be your host for this lovely afternoon. I’m trying to write this up before I go to work. Arts (the other blogger and my wifey ;] ) asked me to get this post up Friday and well I got distracted so yeh it’s a little late, but hey at least I did it \o/


The threads:

Top: *Hollipocket* Lego Hanky Top- Skully Rust
Shorts: .:PC:. Katy Jean Shorts
Hair: Exile:: Letters and Lipstick Wild Fusion 2
Shoes: *CK* Can you feel that (HIGH SLINK FEET)